FREE: Into the Land of Snows

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Dream Boy by Mary Crockett & Madelyn Rosenberg

dream boy

We all dream. Some of them are good. Annabelle dreams about the perfect and irresistible Josh. Imagine her shock when he walks into her science class one day. She tries to dismiss it as coincidence. Martin Zinkle just looks like Josh. But that’s not the case. Martin knows things about her he shouldn’t. Did Annabelle dream this boy up and then have him walk into her life? What other explanation is there? Regardless of how Martin arrived, Annabelle is smitten. Martin’s behavior becomes more possessive as he tries to anticipate her every need. Will, Annabelle’s long time best friend, is thrown off balance the more Martin plays the role of perfect boyfriend. The real tension of the novel begins when Annabelle starts having nightmares and those begin to intrude on her life turning very threatening. It was the premise of this book not the teenage dating angst that got me reading this. What if dreams are not just fanciful imaginings or attempts to offer solutions to everyday problems? What if you can dream and create your reality? Read the book to start to tease out your own understanding of how we might be co-creators of our own experience.