Exciting News: Moving to Brussels



Manneken Pis - Bruxelles - Belgique photo by Myrabella

It’s time to announce a big change. Over the next few months, I will be relocating to Brussels, Belgium. Living abroad will bring many new challenges and hopefully, lots of new experiences. I speak no French or Dutch so that in itself will be tough, but we’ve been assured that many Belgians speak English and there are lots of expats already in the city. My most pressing issue is to figure out how to get a big dog and two cats into the country. So if anyone has sage advice on airlines, routes, or anything else- please share.

We are planning to travel just after Christmas and so much has to be done between now and then. Because of that, I probably won’t be as available on social media as I have been. Be patient, I’ll be back. 2017 will bring the publication of a new book…

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  1. hawkhamilton · October 24, 2016

    Good luck with the move and I hope all goes smoothly. Belgium is lovely.


  2. Theresa Crater · October 24, 2016

    Hope it’s great.


  3. Scott Preston · November 18, 2016

    Belgium is a lovely country, and a great base for exploring Europe (and yes, they almost all speak English, but it’s also a great opportunity to pick up French, Dutch, or German).

    Good luck, Ellis, and thanks for dropping around the Chrysalis now and then.


  4. booklovinggrandma · November 21, 2016

    I hope your move will be a pleasant one and that you will enjoy your new home. Thank you for liking my blog post.


  5. EllenMentor · January 14, 2017

    The pets needs a health passport, ask your vet for details, ask the Belgium embassy for details. and the airline company you’r flying with, has certain rules on papers and cages. (I live in the Netherlands)


    • ellisnelson · January 14, 2017

      Yes, they all have their own requirements. We can’t do the health certificates until 10 days before the flight. We’ll be flying Lufthansa into Frankfort and then into Brussels. A very long day. We hope to see the tulip fields this spring and Amsterdam.

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      • EllenMentor · January 15, 2017

        If you need a friend, just give me a message. kind regards Ellen.

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  6. EllenMentor · January 14, 2017

    Have fun in Belgium


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