So, I asked a bunch of YA readers about YA trends…

Some interesting opinions on what readers like & don’t like.

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A bunch meaning twelve…but hey, it’s better than nothing.

So what I did is I asked them a group of thirteen questions, all relating to recent trends and their reading habits. Sometimes the answers were wildly varied, sometimes they were all the same, which I thought was interesting. Here are the results I got:

It’s split almost exactly fifty-fifty that there’s no preference between a male or female MC, and preferring a female.

Most preferred first person past tense.

7 said that the first thing that catches their eye about the book is the cover, 4 said title, and 1 said the writing style.

10 said that their go-to genre was fantasy. Sci-fi was close behind.

Everyone said that their least favorite genre was romance.

8 said they would rather read a novel with a forbidden romance than a love triangle, 2 said they would rather have a love triangle…

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  1. Danni Mae · May 8, 2015

    I’m surprised everyone disliked romance, considering you’d be really hard pressed to find ANY YA book without romance in there somewhere. As for love triangles, gotta agree with the majority. Hate em. Can’t stand them.


    • ellisnelson · May 8, 2015

      I agree. Most YA books feel compelled to have a romantic element, even if it’s minor. I actually wrote a YA adventure without it and my mother-in-law seemed distressed about it. I have another YA (ghost story) without it but I’m having a hard time getting it published.


      • Danni Mae · May 9, 2015

        I wonder if it’s impossible to get a book published without romance? The one I’m writing now has a mainish-sidish romance plot, but my very very first novel from ages ago (that I did not finish) had no romance in it, and when I told a writer my idea, she kind of apologetically smiled and said I’d have a hard time interesting people with no romance.


      • ellisnelson · May 9, 2015

        I think there are some YA “literary” books that don’t have a romantic element. I’m thinking of David Almond’s books like Clay, Skellig. Also some books written for boys that are more action-packed tend to minimize the romantic part. So I think it comes down to what’s the story really about. Sometimes you can get away with showing a budding interest in the other sex but not have to introduce a relationship. And of course, if you’re an established author you can do pretty much whatever you want. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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      • Danni Mae · May 11, 2015

        That would be lovely. (I think I’m replying on the wrong comment but I don’t see the reply button on the last one in the chain.) I loved Skellig so much when I was little- we really could use more books like that. I don’t really mind romance, but when I’m not in the mood for it I’ll always get two-thirds of the way through a really good synopsis and then get “and who’s the mysterious boy who..” or “And then there’s Jane, the heartbreakingly beautiful…” and I’m just thinking “ugh.”

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