I’m happy to announce that my middle-grade novel, entitled Elephants Never Forgotten, is now under contract with MuseItUp Publishing. It’s a science fiction tale that could easily be pitched as Micro meets Jurassic Park. It was written at a time when I was finishing up my work in humane education and it honors the human/animal bond. The book is set for release in the Spring of 2015 as an e-book.

About the book:

A hundred years in the future, eleven-year-old Nigella receives a shipment from her deceased grandfather. Her inheritance is a herd of micro-elephants. While a lot of her friends have micro-pets, Nigella is at a loss on how to care for them. Why are her micro-elephants so different? What was her grandfather up to? In her quest to understand her pets, she learns that there might be a group of wild elephants left in a remote part of Africa. With the help of her best friend, Kepler, the girls set off on an adventure to discover the truth.



  1. Christine Keleny · March 29, 2015

    Sounds very interesting!
    Good luck with it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Christine Keleny · March 29, 2015

    Ellis – I don’t see a way to contact you other than this, so I’ll pose my question here. I am working on my first MG book and would like the opinion about the start of it from others who like MG. Would you be interested? I’m at christinekeleny@yahoo.com if you want to contact me.


  3. conniecockrell · April 10, 2015

    Congratulations! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  4. hsquarmby · April 29, 2015

    Anything with tiny elephants sounds good!


    • ellisnelson · April 29, 2015

      I saw the cover mock up yesterday and it seems right on target. A small elephant in the palm of a girl’s hand and behind that the face of a full grown African elephant. So we’re moving toward book release!


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